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Grandview Cyber Inceiling Electric Projector Screens
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Grandview Cyber In ceiling projector screens
Grandview Cyber In ceiling projector screens

The new Grandview ceiling mount is the perfect solution for installing your high end projectors.

The kit comes with an extension pole that will allow you to have a total drop from ceiling to the projector of 265mm, as well as a short pole to fit close to the ceiling which measures 110mm in total

The wide span arms on the bracket allows this to fit 95% of projectors on the market including the JVC range.

Inceiling Bracket
Close Ceiling Mount

Unlike many universal brackets on the market, ours are easy to install. So installation can be done by one person, by simply hooking on the projector part of the bracket onto the ceiling part.

Once installed to the ceiling, fine tuning the bracket angle is very easy +-15 degrees using the long allen key tool that comes with the bracket. This will then stay in place once locked by the allen key.

With sturdy build quality, the mount is perfect for any projector.

The bracket is available in Black.

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